Babaji State

The Babaji State is an encounter of yogis for yogis. In order to remember ourselves in the first meditator that from the mind projects in us the yoga for the body. Yoga begins and ends in the existing thought, all the flexibility that exists in it exists also in the body, all the goodness that exists in the mind exists in the body, all calmness, attention and love that lies here generates consequences for the body and its movements, as do all the opposites too.

We are flowers in the hands of the cosmos that will never wither.

babaji state

We live between simultaneous worlds, each one of them sensational to our perceptions, unaffected yet consequent within the most intimate of the purest interaction that doesn´t separate us from anything.

We are not here, we are not what we do nor what they say about us. We are more than a happy heritage full of information, which is maybe never tested by us. We are not what is said of us. What the books tell us, what medical or physical or chemical science transmits, but we are also that. If we are anything at all, that in reality is not from here. The sublime light is still too primitive, too dim, insufficiently enlightening. All light casts a shadow, “the shadow of light”. Every shadow immolates itself in it. The highest clarity resides serene and confident before the origin of all the lights and shadows, long before what is a before or an origin, a beginning or a possible genesis. The primordial blackness escapes beyond any hint of conception, judgment, desire or expression.

The ones who can read this writing instantly, the presence of Babaji they will feel. It is like this, and it is in your hands and in the way you read, envisioning from your sincerity, honesty, integrity, recreating yourself in it.

Babaji from his divine state accompanies the incarnated people on the level of the soul, and not only between their incarnations. He directs the spiritual development of sincere people that have at some point asked him for soul guidance. I am glad that he remembers my visit and I love the opportunity to be his host, my body his body.

We are flowers in the hands of the cosmos that will never wither.